ArkanoiD (arkanoid) wrote,

Бедность это искусственная тупость

О чем я всегда и говорил.

Нет никакой "полезной школы жизни" в бедности, это типичная "ошибка выжившего".

Бедность отупляет и жрет ресурсы мозга.

Despite all this, the drawbacks of a “scarcity mentality” are greater than the benefits. Scarcity narrows your focus to your immediate lack, to the meeting that’s starting in five minutes or the bills that need to be paid tomorrow. The long-term perspective goes out the window. “Scarcity consumes you,” Shafir explains. “You’re less able to focus on other things that are also important to you.”


So in concrete terms, just how much dumber does poverty make you?
“Our effects correspond to between 13 and 14 IQ points,” Shafir says. “That’s comparable to losing a night’s sleep or the effects of alcoholism.”
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